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It's all Greek all next week, then the jobs number on Thursday. Be careful out there!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Providing a verbatim recap of Jim Cramer's Friday Night "Game Plan for Next Week," word for word, with all stock picks & recommendations to help you prepare for the week ahead, including that night's Lightning Round picks...

Game Plan!Jim: quote markAnother day of hope about the talks in Greece based on absolutely nothing! Not a shred of reality, which is why we ultimately gave up much of our gains at the end of our session, with the Dow closing up 56 points, the S&P declining 0.04%, and the Nasdaq plunging 0.62%. Yet again, though, our stocks... well, a couple of them just stood out as tremendous outliers.

quote markNike, for example, almost single-handedly pulled the Dow higher with its flawless execution. I can't emphasize enough just how important good management is. Nike overcame a slowdown in China, a sinking Europe, and a so-so market in the U.S. to put up amazing numbers everywhere. Put simply, Nike delivered a "clinic" on the top and bottom line, with the latter really helped by their amazing direct-to-consumer business.

quote markNot only that, but its CEO, Mark Parker, the incredibly self-effacing leader of this tremendous growth company, refuses to take any real credit for what he's done. He's all team, all the time. I sure hope this man gets his due one day. You know I think the world of Kevin Plank at Under Armour. But there's more than enough room for both of these two men in this fast-growing category. The most important thing to know about Nike's quarter? It has legs, which is why the stock didn't come in at all today. I have one word... "bravo!" MONDAY Healthcare M&A? We got a second day of love for the hospitals and the HMOs, now that the Supreme Court has ended the challenges to Obamacare. These stocks remain on fire. And that's the place where we have to start our Game Plan for next week. I expect to see either Aetna finalizing a deal to buy Humana this weekend, or Anthem snaring Cigna. And we'll know both when we come in on Monday. The market's going to need it, and I'm going to tell you why.

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Lightning RoundTonight's Lighting Round Picks: 

  Lowe's (LOW)

Jim: quote markYeah, I agree with that Web Bush piece (i.e., upgrade)... buy, buy, buy!... I thought it made sense. I think you should be a buyer of Lowe's. I do prefer Home Depot, but Lowe's is real good.

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  H&E Equipment Services (HEES)

Jim: quote markYou know, if United Rentals aren't doing that well, these guys aren't going to do that well. And if Terex is doing bad, these guys are going to do bad and, therefore, my advice is that you take your lumps. That one's not coming back any time soon.

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  Plum Creek Timber (PCL)

Jim: quote markYes, but I've got to tell you, this is that level where the 4%ers are going to yield 5%. Because the stocks are all going down, because the Fed's going to tighten. And that's what happens. You've got to keep your powder dry (i.e., wait to buy) and, only then, can you pull the trigger.

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