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Next week is a short week, but Dow Chemical has given you an opportunity for a double!

Friday, March 27, 2015

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Game Plan!Jim: quote markThese... these have been loathsome days if you own stocks, with the exception of Kraft which caught a takeover bid from Heinz. This week just felt like one long slog, until today that is, when some of the "old" leadership, namely the semiconductors and the biotechs, managed to reassert themselves and stabilize things, at least mildly, with the Dow advancing 34 points.

quote markLooking ahead, next week's got to be one of the most bizarre weeks of the year. That's because we have only one super-important bit of news the whole week, the Labor Department's Non-farm payroll number, which comes on Good Friday, when the stock market's closed for business. Yes, the most pertinent piece of information can't be factored into the stocks. And a ripple effect likely means a week of muted trading before we get there.

quote markThat's actually smart though, because the non-farm payroll number has taken on a new sense of urgency. However, I don't want to get ahead of the story. Sometimes when you're a stock junkie like me, you're looking for clues when there isn't even a lot of news. You can get your clues from anywhere and anyplace. And on slower days you bear down and truly try to get a little skinny that no one else knows. That's why on Monday I'm going to focus on an earnings report from a little company you've probably never heard of. It's called AAR Corp. The symbol is AIR. AAR is an aerospace services company. It purchases, sells, leases, repairs and refurbishes planes, and has the spare parts on hand to do so. Aha, you say, who cares about a $1.3 billion company? C'mon Cramer. The answer is, you'd better focus, because anyone who's concerned about two of the most important leadership groups in this market - the aerospace stocks and the very tepid airlines - needs to listen to this conference call. Right now at this very moment, we are concerned that we have lost the airlines stocks, that they aren't doing as well as they were, perhaps because we don't have as much foreign travel. I'm trying to figure out why these stocks aren't acting right, perhaps because...

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Lightning RoundTonight's Lighting Round Picks: 

  TetraPhase Pharmaceuticals (TTPH)

Jim: quote markI happen to like that space, and I like it because a lot of people feel that Merck overpaid when they decided to go into that space. I think that space is really important. I think antibiotics are something that people are circling back to. Antibacterials. And anybody that has that, including from Biopharma, is going to be a winner here. That's just my thinking that the superbugs must be killed.

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  Adobe, Inc. (ADBE)

Jim: quote markNo, no... that quarter was no good, man. C'mon, man! We've got to stay focused. That was not a good quarter. We're going to stay away from Adobe.

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  Berkshire Hathaway Cl B (BRK-B)

Jim: quote markBoth classes are terrific. I like Berkshire. I think Berkshire should be bought. Because you've got to get deals like that Heinz with him, and you can't do them yourself.

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