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Finally, big food companies are seeing the light, and the natural and organic trend!

Thursday, May 27, 2015

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Jim: quote markFinally, an old-fashioned, successful food company decides to get with the program in a huge and meaningful way.

quote markLast night, Hormel Foods, which you probably know as the maker of Spam, canned chili, and Jenny-O Turkey, braced the natural and organic zeitgeist with its agreement to buy Applegate Farms, the #1 natural and organic prepared meats company for $775 million. That's right, the company that brought you Spam is going natural and organic, as Hormel tries to go into new retail outlets and reach a new group of customers that are too big to ignore.

quote markOf course, it's important to point out that, unlike many other packaged food players, Hormel's actually been doing quite well on its own. And it's also made smaller inroads to more natural fare like organic Muscle Milk and Holy Guacamole. The company also reported a really terrific quarter. And with last night's news about Applegate Farms, the stock's roared ahead to right around its all-time highs.

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Lightning RoundTonight's Lighting Round Picks: 

  Alibaba Corp. (BABA)

Jim: quote markI say own Yahoo. I cannot believe that the company is actually worthless after all of the stake that they've got in this. They sell off Yahoo Japan. I'm with Rob Peck, the Sun King. That's right, he works at Suntrust... who says don't worry about the IRS problems.

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  Tekmira Pharmaceuticals (TKMR)

Jim: quote markNo, if we're going to do speculative in that biotech area, you know what we like. We like Receptos, we like Radius, and we like BioMarin. That's a three-fer.

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  Medtronic, PLC (MDT)

Jim: quote markI like Medtronics. I'll see you Medtronics, and I'll raise you with Edwards Lifesciences, and then you know what? Who's got the full house? It's St. Jude. It's St. Jude, then Edwards Lifescience, then Medtronic. No slam on Medtronic. Those are two other great companies.

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