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Thanksgiving week is known for strength. Consider buying these stocks on weakness...

Friday, November 20, 2015

NOTE: Jim was on vacation for Thanksgiving. No fresh stock picks. *** Providing a VERBATIM recap of Jim Cramer's Friday Night "Game Plan for Next Week," to help you prepare for the week ahead, including that night's Lightning Round picks...

Game Plan!Jim: quote markWho'd a thunk it? Just a week ago, after a terrible tragedy in France, and so many disappointing pieces of business news here, who would have thought that we'd have such a tremendous week, with the Dow gaining another 91 points today... the S&P advancing 0.38%... and the Nasdaq 0.62%. This was one surprising week.

quote markAnd in this week - the best of 2015 - surprises were generally pretty darned positive. But can that train continue next week? Because this market is a week-to-week affair. We'll find out soon enough with two companies reporting next Monday, that lately have been, let's say, more sources of disappointment than rapture. I'm talking about GameStop and Tyson Foods. The heavily-shorted GameStop delivered what I thought was a darned-good quarter last time around. Then last week the stock plunged 9 points, almost in a straight line, on concerns from analysts that gaming hardware sales have been subpar.

quote markI don't know if that's true. There are so many short sellers gunning for these guys, along with their analyst colleagues, that I think they're overdoing the negativity. I like the CEO, Paul Raines, and how he's diversified away from being a one-trick gaming pony. So I'm looking for reasons to buy, not sell. GameStop will be something that I will talk about on my morning show, Squawk On The Street, to tell you what I think you should do. Tyson Foods has been doing a makeover, becoming more of a full-line food company, and not just a chicken purveyor... you know, less of a commodity company. But the last quarter didn't fit that narrative at all, and the stock got crushed. Can this time be different? I think Tyson's become more vigilant. But if it does well, then all we are going to do is simply remove it from the penalty box, where the company certainly belongs after that last quarter...

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Lightning RoundTonight's Lighting Round Picks: 

  Johnson Controls, Inc. (JCI)

Jim: quote markYou know what? I think it's too cheap... buy, buy, buy!... You're not going to get an overnight satisfaction, but I do like the stock.

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  Digimarc, Inc. (DMRC)

Jim: quote markYeah, interesting, interesting. No real edge there for me. Don't really have enough to be able go on it. I like R.R. Donnelly in that kind of packaging space.

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  Parker-Hannefin, Inc. (PH)

Jim: quote markI think Parker-Hannefin is undervalued here, because people have written off American industry, and that's always a mistake.

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