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An intense earning report week ahead. Consider buying these stocks post-report!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Note: The 7/15 show only included the Game Plan (below) with no additional fresh stock picks orLightning Round. Thank you!

Game Plan!Jim: quote markNo sleep next week. No sleep for the next three weeks. Why? Because were about to enter the valley of the shadow of the real earnings season, and it's mighty dark in there.

quote markSo let's dive right into the Game Plan! Since we've got so many big companies reporting, I can't waste your time… Starting with Bank of America on Monday morning. The last few quarters have brought this company's shareholders little but grief. This is the bank that needs higher interest rates from the Fed. It needs them the most to get it going, because there's a gigantic deposit base, And it can't make as much money off of it and less the Fed raises rates. Will they pull it off this time? Will they surprise us? Perhaps. It's always a possibility. But Bank of America is no J.P. Morgan.

quote markAfter the bell IBM reports, and the stock has been on a fabulous tear of late. Can it continue? IBM has reported disappointing earnings three straight – not quarters – but years. That's an incredibly long losing streak. The company's been embarking on a major change toward big data and cognitive machine learning. Watson being a terrific example… Watson is real. But the good news has not been able to trump the bad news, of the older legacy business getting weaker, and that's the problem. After that last quarter, I felt that the stock had finally come down enough to tell you to buy it, and that it could bounce. I say that IBM's still got some room to run if it's faster growing divisions can finally become a bigger driver lifting up the company's growth rate. Two more very controversial companies come after the close on Monday. It's Netflix and Yahoo. The former acts like death. Why? Because it messed numbers badly in the previous quarter. It's in the penalty box. Nobody's expecting much this time around though. That's a positive. I expect Netflix to get back on track. I think the market cap is too small, for the opportunity. But I don't want to be pinned down on when the reacceleration will occur. Yahoo is a very special situation. We either want to hear that it's breaking up, and it's got some solid bids for its businesses. Or we want to hear that Rick Hill, the save year of Novellus, which made us so much money, is going to be appointed chairman of the board. If the former happens, ring the register. If the latter happens, I would be a buyer of Yahoo. If nothing happens, do nothing...

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Lightning RoundTonight's Lighting Round Picks: 

  Dollar Tree, Inc. (DLTR)

Jim: quote markOh my God, you know how much we like that stock. Buy, buy, buy! We have been recommending that, and it just keeps going higher and higher and higher. I don't want to give up on it. Technology related real estate is very hot.
Note: These Lightning Round picks are from the last live Lightning Round on 7/1.

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  Chegg, Inc. (CHGG)

Jim: quote markYou know Chegg, a five dollar stock, can't really get out of its own way. I can't. There's too many other growth stocks I'd rather see you in. Sorry.
Note: These Lightning Round picks are from the last live Lightning Round on 7/1.

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  NXPI Semiconductor (NXPI)

Jim: quote markYeah, people are giving up on NXP. We had the company on. We decided we liked it after listening. The stock has come down a great deal, so we have been buying it for our charitable trust. And there's no doubt about it, NXPI is in the sweet spot. Remember, because they are in the auto, not just the cell phone.
Note: These Lightning Round picks are from the last live Lightning Round on 7/1.

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