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Go for the toll takers, not the cars! Go with pipeline operator, Kinder Morgan, KMI!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

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Jim: quote markIf you're looking for a way to play the North American energy renaissance that isn't all that vulnerable to the nasty decline in oil and natural gas that we've seen lately... albeit a decline that seems to have stabilized somewhat, at $80... then I think you want to own a pipeline company that works as a kind of toll road operator.

quote markAnd the best pipeline operator in existence is now Kinder Morgan, Inc., KMI. That's because this afternoon we learned that Kinder Morgan has received all of the necessary regulatory approvals for its long-awaited acquisition of all three of its master-limited partnership subsidiaries, which will create a gigantic pipeline company, as it transports tons of oil and natural gas, and I think one of the biggest carbon dioxide, when the shareholders vote on it a month from now.

quote markIn fact, with this transaction, Kinder Morgan will become the third-largest energy company in North America. Energy company, not (just) pipeline. As I've been saying since this deal was announced, the new Kinder Morgan is the kind of company that's coveted by money managers, because it gives you both growth and income. In terms of growth, the company sees $600 billion worth of pipeline projects that need to be undertaken in this country. And once it's consolidated into a single business, Kinder Morgan will be able to...

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Lightning RoundTonight's Lighting Round Picks: 

  Arbor Realty Trust (ABR)

Jim: quote markYeah, I think it's okay. But again, these are kind of these mezzanine, don't really know what they own, kind of situations. I've got enough problems owning really good companies like Blackstone, where they've got a great record, and it yields 5.7%. I don't need to go down the food chain to Arbor.

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  Kite Pharmaceuticals (KITE)

Jim: quote markI mean, Kite Pharma's okay, but you're getting these big discounts for these really good companies. I mean, tomorrow Celgene will report. This stock almost always goes down when it reports. They've got a lot in the pipe for 2016. I would rather own Celgene.

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  Chesapeake Energy, Inc. (CHK)

Jim: quote markWell, you know what? They did get to $5 billion. They made it so the balance sheet is good. I actually like those properties. A lot of people feel that they paid too much. That said, we've got oil and gas coming down to the point that you can buy some really high-quality companies. I'm talking about EOG, I'm talking about Anadarko, I'm talking about Apache... that to me, far suits your needs. But you don't buy them all at once. You buy 25% here, and if oil dips down to $75, you buy another 50%. That's where I feel those guys all do well.

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