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Game Plan!The Game Plan next week? Apple and so much more!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Providing you important Mad Money show recaps, stock recommendations and comments for the Wed., Thurs. and Friday night shows, including the Game Plan for the coming week...

Jim: quote markToday is a perfect example of how, when some things go right, namely the possibility of avoiding a worldwide recession, or a sense that the federal government is at last taking decisive action against Ebola, we can focus on what we do best in Cramerica... spotting the top companies to invest in.

quote markThat's why, when we got a terrific series of earnings reports today, as the geopolitical smoke cleared, we could rally as hard as we did, with the Dow rocketing 263 points. Now later tonight, I'm going to go over my checklist of positives that I think are creating an investable bottom... not a trading one. But if earnings are front and center going forward, then we have a ton to focus on. In fact, I regard next week as the single most important week of earnings season. It's only come down four times a year. Let me give you the Game Plan...

quote markIt starts off, yes of course, with the earnings of Apple, the biggest company in the world. And let me tell you, still on of the most undervalued. Of course, when companies report even the best earnings on a day of a major selloff, traders take their cue from the action, not from their homework, and presume the worst... something I'll explain in more detail later in tonight's show. I think the same thing happened to Apple when it announced some very exciting new tablet products yesterday to reignite that slipping category. Apple's refreshing the entire iPad product line, and offering some catchy new items to go with its new iPhone6. And right now... well, yesterday at least... no one seemed to care. When it comes to Apple, my view remains very simple. I say, you don't trade it. You own Apple. And one of the reasons you want to own it is for next year's sales of the kind of product that was introduced yesterday. You don't own it for this past quarter. It's just not that significant. Now, is you haven't bought Apple after watching my show for the last 10 years, or nine and a half, why don't you wait until after it reports, when some bearish analyst, and there always are, and some loser commentators, will likely give you a bargain with their myriad reasons about why Apple has peaked. Apple's too cheap to peak. Let them take it down though. They always seem to want to be so important. Let them do it. It's your opportunity...

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Lightning RoundTonight's Lighting Round Picks: 

  Mettler-Toledo Int'l, Inc. (MTD)

Jim: quote markYeah, what the heck is happening? That is just a great weight and scale business. It's terrific. It reminds me of RPM, it reminds me of Snap-On. We've got to get those guys on too, because that stock has fallen way too hard versus the good fundamentals.

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  SeaDrill, Ltd. (SDRL)

Jim: quote markNo, you can't touch Seadrill. You can't touch it. I'll tell you why. Because Schlumberger on the conference call today, they said basically look, this part of the offshore market is just not working. Why do I say, can't touch it? Because my charitable trust owns Ensco, and it's one of the worst stocks that I've ever bought in my life. We went on that rig, it's got a good dividend. It's just crushed me.

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  Molson Coors Brewing Co. (TAP)

Jim: quote markOh man, they're in the sweet spot. I like Constellation. I like Anheuser. But I'll tell you something. That company could win in any sort of big merger.

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