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Next week's Game Plan: there are some buying opportunities out there!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Providing a verbatim recap of Jim Cramer's Friday Night "Game Plan for Next Week," word for word, with all stock picks & recommendations to help you prepare for the week ahead, including that night's Lightning Round picks...

Game Plan!Jim: quote markThe week... the week finished with a whimper, not with a bang... as the Dow dipped 12 points, the S&P actually rose 0.06%, and the Nasdaq advanced 0.32%.

quote markAnd I for one am very glad to put the brutal volatility behind us for a weekend. The totally chaotic and mercurial nature of the market left me thinking once again, who can blame people for losing faith in stocks. Yet here I am telling you yet again that, if you protect yourself with limit orders... if you use weakness to put some capital to work... not run from the market out of fear... you can use your money to make money in stocks.

quote markAnd that's not something that you can say about cash, despite the Jeremiahs of the bears who think the market is just one big pumped up balloon that the air will soon be taken out of by an impending Fed rate hike. It's still the only game in town. And that's been the case ever since the Fed got serious about easing during the financial crisis. Now we're faced with the end of the Fed's period of accommodation... we're all starting to get the hang of that... something that could happen as soon as next month. And after this brutal week, unless China runs off the rails before the next Fed meeting. Or some gigantic firm implodes, creating a brutal credit event that freezes brokerages around the globe, I'm tempted to say, let's just get it over with, so you can go back to focusing on the fundamentals of individual companies, like we know how to do on Mad Money...

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Lightning RoundTonight's Lighting Round Picks: 

  EOG Resources, Inc. (EOG)

Jim: quote markI mean, you should own it. My charitable trust owns it. We have a long-term time horizon. We think it's terrific.

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  Sun Edison, Inc. (SUNE)

Jim: quote markOkay, we did a big piece on why we recommended it. And we should have pulled it, and we didn't. And I have to tell you, I don't think it's a great stock here. And a lot of things have to go right. I would sell it into strength.

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  Williams Partners, L.P. (WPZ)

Jim: quote markI think it's terrific. I know it's got... You know, I know that there's costs currency earned to arbitrage, but I do think it's great. And I think that that yield is for real.

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