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Again the Game Plan shows that AutoZone and others may be a great trade on earnings!

Friday, February 27, 2015

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Game PlanJim: quote markWhat doesn't kill this market only seems to make it stronger. Okay, we had a down day, with the Dow sinking 82 points. But these down days feel like sessions where we rest and recharge. For what? For the next assault higher. The move I'm watching for like a hawk is the takeout of the Nasdaq's old highs. You know I feel that it's long overdue. I'm not afraid of it. We're on much firmer footing these days versus 15 years ago.

quote markThe companies leading the charge right now, for the most part, aren't that expensive with the exception, yes, of Amazon and Netflix. And I am hoping we won't hear tales of irrational exuberance... thank you, Alan Greenspan, for that term... if we breach that ignominuous wall, even if it's done with Amazon and Netflix... but of course, Apple... at the vanguard.

quote markYou know what? Netflix is a real good place to start the Game Plan for next week. Because those of us who are subscribers to Netflix know that, at 6:23am this very morning, the new season of House of Cards became available. Did you get your email? I did. I always tell you that Netflix isn't a play on earnings per share, it's a play on signups per share. And I expect them to be voluminous. Be on the lookout Monday for analysts itching to raise their estimates based on strong signups, simply because season three of the much-talked-about show will spur worldwide demand for the service for certain. Don't worry, I'm not going to spoil House of Cards for you. And we've already decided to ration it out this time, after killing an entire weekend a year ago with binge viewing of every episode. My motto now: Everything in moderation, including House of Cards. Warren Buffett's Annual Letter to Shareholders But House of Cards isn't the only cerebral entertainment this weekend...

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Lightning RoundTonight's Lighting Round Picks: 

  NXP Semiconductors, Inc. (NXPI)

Jim: quote markI couldn't agree more. But remember we're in kind of pullback mode for some of these Nasdaq stocks. Maybe get it below $80, and that's when you pull the trigger, and don't be too eager. Price target to buy NXPI: Below $80.00

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  Worthington Industries, Inc. (WOR)

Jim: quote markWell it's got to be beaten down. Steel's at a five-year low. That's why you pull the trigger on Nucore, not Worthington.

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  Talisman, Inc. (TLM)

Jim: quote markWow. How about buying Concho? Concho just came down. It's a similar situation to Talisman. They just raised a lot of capital. I like that. NBL, I like more too. I mean, because I'm trying to give you a lot to like.

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