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The most exciting stock Jim's seen in a long time, and it's ready to rocket even higher!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

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Jim: quote markHere on Mad Money, we're always searching for the next big biotech stock, the next drug company that's going to give you massive multi-year gains, thanks to some sort of game-changing innovation. The gold standard on Mad Money is Regeneron, the $42 billion company with a $423 stock, and a stable of blockbuster, and potential blockbuster drugs.

quote markYep, when I started recommending it on this show, a little more than nine years ago, it was a tiny speculative $5 stock with big dreams, but nothing in the way of products, let alone profits. Since then, Regeneron's given you one of the greatest runs in biotech history. It's up 8,375%, and I think it's not done. But at this point, what gets us really excited are the stocks that could be the next Regeneron, which is why tonight I am doing something I typically do not do. I am circling back to the amazing ISIS Pharmaceuticals.

quote markLast week, we spoke to the CEO of ISIS shortly after the company made a groundbreaking presentation at the big annual American Society of Hematology meeting, or ASH. And I think the market's not giving this company nearly enough credit here, in part because the stock is down $2 bucks since that interview. That is creating an incredible entry point, people... buy, buy, buy... for ISIS. But out of everything in the pipeline, tonight I want to talk to you about a single drug that I think is not getting enough attention. I think it's an absolute game changer. It's a drug that could potentially send the stock soaring much higher from these levels, all by itself. I'm referring to FXI, the anti-coagulent that ISIS highlighted at the American Society of Hematology meeting earlier this month. I think FXI is nothing short of revolutionary. This drug is what's known as an anti-thrombotic, meaning it prevents blood clots. There are a lot of these on the market right now, but they all have really serious issues. Here's the problem. While we have a number of drugs that can prevent blood clots, they tend to have some pretty unfortunate side effects, particularly risk of bleeding or bleed out. But this is a serious problem, because people need to take these anti-coagulants when they go in for surgery. Your surgeon doesn't want a potentially lethal blood clot getting into your veins. However, your surgeon also doesn't want you to bleed to death. So doctors need to walk a very fine line whenever they use the current crop of anti-coagulants...

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Lightning RoundTonight's Lighting Round Picks: 

  Macy's, Inc. (M)

Jim: quote markI like Macy's... Buy, buy, buy! I did some shopping there this weekend. Now here's the problem with Macy's. It has had a big run, as many of the retailers had. But I still think it can go higher because gasoline keeps coming down, and that is key.

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  KBR, Inc. (KBR)

Jim: quote markWell, I don't know about those (acquisition rumors that the caller asked about). I know that that is an infrastructure business that's challenged by the fact that oil and gas have come down so much. The stock is very cheap, but I do prefer Fluor, FLR, more.

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  Starbucks, Inc. (SBUX)

Jim: quote markLet's wait for a pullback. My charitable trustlightened up on it. It was a huge position. I think it could come back a little. It's been a little doggy here. And then I think you want to buy, buy, buy!...

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