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  Opening Segment #1:
The Price Is Right?
  Thursday, April 19, 2012



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General market comments, below... 


   Jim's Quotes from this segment:  

It sure is easier when stocks are down going into earnings season, than when they're higher, isn't it? That's all I could think about after today's rocky session, where the Dow got slammed for 69 points... and it is important to mention that, at one point, it was much uglier, if it weren't for a late-day rally. And people keep asking me after days like today, is this is a good earnings season, or a bad one? And while that is a perfectly legitimate question, it's not responsive. It's not the question that illuminates today's action. No, the better query would be, did stocks simply run too much ahead of earnings, Jim? Because the earnings themselves are really pretty darn good. But most stocks I follow are getting hammered after they report good numbers... and that is exactly what's happening.

We're taking our cue from the stocks, and not the actual earnings. So we're getting angry, and even scared about the reactions. We're driving ourselves nuts!

When you hear about QualComm - a winner that got turned into a loser today - and makes the wireless chips for the iPhone... when you hear that they're having trouble making those chips, and predicting it won't be able to meet customer demand, meaning Apple demand, then you put the Tale of Radioscination... you start thinking Apple itself may not be able to sell as many phones as it would like, or perhaps it might have to delay the iPhone, which means quarters 2, 3, and 4 of this year might be light? You augment that with the demand that no customer or supplier ever is allowed to speak about Apple, so you've got that aura of mystery which allows you to fret about how many iPhones Verizon sold, because they're not going to give you the number, from when they reported today... and when you add in a stock that's up more than 75% year over year as Apple is, you start thinking, jeez... nothing can go wrong with this one or, no matter what happens, it is just going to get slashed mercilessly when it reports Tuesday night. And then you start thinking, I don't want to be greedy. You know what I'll do? I'll ring the register. And that's how Apple falls 20 points today.

Here's the bottom line...

▼   ▼   ▼   ▼   ▼

Many things matter when you're investing. We always have to worry about Europe. We have to worry about jobless claims which were again not so hot. We have to worry about the fundamentals and the expectations, and those have been terrific. But most importantly, when it comes to the instant reaction after earnings... the instant analysis we need to worry about... price. After a fabulous 1st quarter, and a rip-roaring 4th quarter, for many stocks, the price just isn't right anymore. So those prices are being adjusted downward, even when the earnings are fabulous, and being adjusted upward. Be patient. Let them come down. And then do some buying when the price is right.

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[end of segment]

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Market Results today:

Dow:  - 69

Nasdaq:  - 24

S&P 500:  - 8


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