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  Opening Segment #1:
Cramer's Game Plan
for Next Week


  Friday, April 27, 2012



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General market comments, below... 


   Jim's Quotes from this segment:  

Okay, it was a wild week, but one that saved April from the clutches of the bears clutches for certain for certain, with the Dow gaining 24 points. I am sure that the "Sell in May and go away" people will be squawking all next week. I'm tired of that. However, i've got a better theory. How about this one? I've been noodling on it... sell bad stocks in May, and buy good stocks. Too simple? Too intelligent? Well which ones are good? All week, we've been looking back at companies that reported the best quarters in the rancorous earnings season so far. It's been the best way to handle the pressured moment, rather than trying to take action instantly, especially since the most important piece of data we get next week will be the labor department's employment number on Friday. That number - if it's weak - could roll back any gains we might get from all the individual pops of the stories that I'm about to tell you about. Yes. But if we get a strong one, they'll fly. A weak one? And you'll be able to get almost everything here on a discount. It will be like going to the day-old bread store. So you've been warned.

With that in mind, what is the Game Plan?...



Okay, Monday morning, a lot of these are companies that we've talked to on the show, so I feel pretty good about them. And Monday morning is an example of that. We had the CEO of Harman. He was on the show back in November, and he talked about how the auto market has embraced his products with alacrity. Well, guess what? We want to be levered to the parts makers. I mean, Ford... it wasn't a great quarter, but they sold a lot of cars. Harman sound and electronic system has become a necessity. I'm betting we get a good number out of Harman.

SBA Communications

After the bell, we hear from one of our absolute favorites that we talk about on the show. It's called SBA Communications... a gigantic cell tower company. More data, more problems. The solution? Putting out more antennas, which is why I think SBAC is going to have a terrific quarter. Don't forget, they close on that terrific acquisition this quarter.



Tuesday is going to feature some of my absolute favorite companies. Domino's. Hey, they just gave you a special dividend. I think it's going to give you fabulous earnings.

Biogen Idec

Biogen Idec... remember that's one of our best biotechs? We just... that stock just keeps powering higher.

Cummins, Inc.

Alright, but now we've got some controversial names we've got to go over. First, there's Cummins. This is a battleground. Why? Because the truck business was in total bull market mode, and now we're not so sure anymore. The commentary has been decidedly mixed. Given that it's had such long-term terrific trends, I'm reluctant to say that Cummins might not be a good buy ahead of the quarter. But I'm getting too many bearish inputs. The likes of Navistar, Caterpillar... so you know what I want to do? The stock was up big. Let's take profits ahead of the quarter, okay.

Emerson Electric

Then there's Emerson. Oh man, I used to idolize this company. The industrials have been excellent, right. Eaton... we had Sandy Cutler on... Honeywell, we had Dave Cote on last week... United Technologies, 3M... Emerson has always been in that cohort but, lately, it's lagged these stocks. The company has been reporting some disappointing numbers. Again, I would take profits ahead of the quarter, because I fear that disappointment.


Now, I'd tell you to take profits ahead of Chesapeake, also on Tuesday... but nobody's got any profits in it. We're going to need to hear some real explanations for what's going on at this company. And while many people have been saying that CEO, Aubrey McClennan may have to step down, I think that's highly unlikely, because Aubrey is the company. Chesapeake needs money to keep its drilling going, but I don't know who's going to give it to them. They may have to announce a fire sale of premium assets.



Wednesday, one of our favorite growth stocks reports. It's Allergan. Now there's been a lot of chatter of late... I don't know if you saw it yesterday... about how Allergan's breakthrough migraine drug may not be all that effective. I've got to tell you, I think if you have chronic migraines, you're going for Allergan's product. And I want to hear from David Pyott. He's that bankable CEO, whom I believe will tell us that the company's numbers are better than ever for the Botox derivative pipeline. Remember, this stock almost always trades down after it reports. Nothing's a certainty, but that just happens over and over and over again, so if you do decide you want to get into Allergan, why don't you wait until the Thursday decline. Do not pull the trigger that day.


When we get results from Clorox, I think we'll hear that the company continues to plug along with new products, all while paying that juicy dividend. You know that we at Mad Money have tremendous respect for Donald Knauss, the CEO. I am confident that the company is going to deliver on expectations.

Time Warner

If you're talking about respect for chief executives... I don't talk about this guy enough... this guy who runs Time Warner, Jeff Buchas... Look, the stock's only up 5% for the year. That's not that much. I think we'll hear good things. And by the way, this stock is kind of a closet housing play, given how new home owners subscribe to HBO. It could be ripe for a big move. I think that this quarter for Time Warner is probably the best of every stock on this board. Because I don't think there's a lot of downside.

CVS Caremark

If you want a sleeper... CVS... You know, its main competitor, Walgreens, has been losing customers, thanks to its ongoing tiff with Express Scripts, the big pharmacy benefits manager. I think Walgreens has been losing them to CVS. And I'm not alone. The stock did hit its new high. However, I still think it can gap up on a good quarter, with excellent commentary. $50 anyone?


Oh, and a surprise stock of the week... maybe it's Garmin. Remember, we put this one in that "What the heck?" series that we're doing, because we were surprised at What the heck... it's been so strong. We heard about all these personal GPS devices that have been selling like flapjacks Let me tell you something. The short sellers? They still can't get enough of Garmin. They still keep saying, GPS is prevalent everywhere. We know better. I bet Garmin does quite well when it reports.

Continental Resources

If oil is trading up on Wednesday, okay, Continental Resources, CLR, a terrific Bakken (Shale) play that we started recommending last summer... take a look at it. Hey, if you get crude flying because inventories are low for oil... Continental's going to fly with it.

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

We also hear from one of the most controversial companies out there... maybe even more than Chesapeake... we're hearing from Green Mountain. Now, I'm going to defer to my colleague, Herb Greenberg, from Street Signs, on this one, as he thinks there's too many questions that need to be answered. And I think they'll be answered negatively. I want you to take a pass on Green Mountain, even as tempting as it might be, because it's way down.



Thursday brings some companies that are doing well, and I bet will continue to do well. I'm talking AirGas, Teradata, and AIG. AirGas, if you recall, turned down a $70 buck and change takeover bid not that long ago, with its CEO, the great Peter McCausland, saying on this show that he thought he could do better for you as a shareholder, than that Air Products bid. Many doubted the claim. We did not. Guess what? The stock hit $91 today. He's a sensation guy. He's AirGas' largest shareholder. Yeah, I mean, you would have left $20 points on the table, if we had all just gone with the arbitragers and dumped it to Air Products. Alright, AirGas is a little too hot to my taste right now but, if it comes in ahead of the quarter, you might want to nibble.


Thursday morning, we hear from... alright, who's going to have the biggest blowout? Which company do I think could have the biggest blowout, and not necessarily that the stock's going to go up, because it's gone up so much... It's going to be from Teradata, alright. This is smack in the middle of the big data/data farm business. We heard spectacular numbers from F5 and Equinix with their stocks and, every time they report, their stocks have been skyrocketing. But that's one of the problems. This one is too. But Teradata is the best of the cohort. And I think it will report a terrific number, and a great place to be, if Wednesday is a real bad day.


Maybe the favorite stock of the whole week, though, is AIG, a name
my charitable trust owns. They report Thursday after the close. Robert Benmoshe, the fantastic CEO, will I think tell an amazing story. When he was here with us, not that long ago, I've got to tell you, he sat here, and wow... he made me feel so good about the story. Many of you are worried that the U.S. government will unload its huge stake in the company, now that the stock's back to the mid-$30s. Hey, that's entirely (possible). Tim Masset... who runs that TARP disposal unit... he's smart as a whip... maybe they do sell. But I'm confident that what matters are the numbers. And they're going to report a terrific number, so it will go even higher. We're going to wish the government sold the stock, just to get rid of the overhang.


Labor Department Employment Number - 8:30am
Alright, Friday is not an earnings day. No, we don't care. Friday, we're going to be focused on, 100%, the employment number that comes out from the Labor Department at 8:30am. Now I will tell you, I am concerned about this number. Because the weekly jobless claims have been very disappointing. It's almost impossible for me to believe that this number can be any good. But then again, the GDP number was all screwed up today. I was talking to my buddy, Steve Liesman, about that. I don't know if you can even trust the number, but people are going to trade off of it, and I think it's going to be bad.

The bottom line...

▼   ▼   ▼   ▼   ▼

Traders beware. I suspect we'll get a tough employment number, and the "sell in May, and go away" crowd will do their usual boring, prosaic talking... their squawking. But investors? I've got a Game Plan. Use the weakness to buy the great growth companies that reported the best quarters of the week at prices you consider lucky that you got.

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[end of segment]

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Market Results today:

Dow:  + 24

Nasdaq:  + 19

S&P 500:  + 3


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