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  Opening Segment #1:
Home Sweet Home?
  Tuesday, May 22, 2012



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Tonight, I'm kicking off the show with a bold... but unfortunately and completely and utterly irrelevant... statement. We'd be at new highs for the year... new highs... perhaps even all-time highs... if it weren't for the drag of Europe. Yeah, for a while there, this market showed you what it could be like today, rallying all day off the lack of European news... only to collapse at the end of the session. Why? For fear that tomorrow's gigantic... and it is gigantic... European pow-wow will end up being just one more can kicking exercise by Europe's leaders, in the game that's become more financially lethal worldwide the longer it goes on... where the Dow ended off a point and a half...

But they aren't the only reason why we'd be going to new highs. Right now, the negativity about stocks is downright colossal, the worst it's been since the bottom last year. The market's in a remarkably oversold condition, the worst it's been since the bottom in 2011, before that phenomenal rise that began late in October and lasted until the beginning of April. And we've got an election coming up that's now in our sights, between a president who... opinions aside... hasn't hurt the stock market, at least empirically, given the terrific rally we've had since he took office, and one very successful businessman. Granted, Mitt Romney was known in the business world as an incredibly successful cost-cutting rationalizer... that's what he was famous for in the business world... something that may not be conducive to creating new jobs, to say the least. But he's obviously pro-stock market and favors the lowest possible rates for capital gains and dividends... two ways to win. Hey, let's throw in two more stock issues, okay? Despite the hideous action in Facebook... and it is hideous, and you know I've been all over that like a cheap suit... lots of people made enough money on that deal to actually move the needle on the U.S. economy. At the same time, in the last 24 hours, we got two important mergers. One old line, Eaton and Cooper. And the second, announced today, where SAP bought Arriba. We were so focused on Facebook. Can you believe this? Arriba. Arriba, arriba! That's an internet survivor from the dot-com era. Both point to the continued undervaluation of both old line and new economy companies in the stock market.

Here's the bottom line...

▼   ▼   ▼   ▼   ▼

Look... hey, I'm not saying... Europe is the be all and end all of this market. I know the averages took a header at the end of the day, because of fears that Europe would again do the wrong thing at this, the most important meeting of the year tomorrow. But it's important now and then, at least, to recognize that, if Europe didn't matter, we'd be so much higher than we are right now. Sadly, it does matter, which is why I insist you stay local, and focus on domestic security for as much of your portfolio as possible.

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[end of segment]

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Market Results today:

Dow:  - 2

Nasdaq:  - 8

S&P 500:  + 1


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