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  Opening Segment #1:
Cramer's Game Plan for Next Week


  Friday, November 7, 2014



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General market comments, below... 


   Jim's Quotes from this segment:  

It's not the economy, stupid. One can only conclude that Clinton campaign strategist, James Carville's famous dictum about the 1992 presidential election has been turned upside down this election week. Because we got an employment number today that shows continued, consistent job growth. And yet earlier in the week, republicans took the senate from a beleaguered democratic party. Unlike the electorate though, the stock market cheered our 5.8% unemployment rate... the lowest in six years. And on top of yesterday's terrific rally, the Dow gained another 19 points today. And the S&P climbed 0.03%, although the Nasdaq lagged, and climbed 0.13%.


Jim:    We spent a lot of time discussing how our economy is the shining star around the world, the envy of every nation, including China, while our stock market is the most robust on earth, save possibly India. I mean, it clearly meant nothing at the ballot box, or less than nothing when you think about it.

How can that be? First, I think that, while the voters want Washington to do something, anything, to work together, legislate, I don't know, have a beer... investors want Washington handcuffed and doing nothing. After all, historically, while gridlock has been a huge win for the stock market, and an official verification of it... well, like we got this week, despite plenty of talk that the republicans can now work with the President... it's enough to continue the rally.

Why does gridlock work so well for the market? Why is it so darned bullish? Simple. It allows us to focus on stocks of individual companies, and buy them, if we like what we see and not be distracted by Washington.

Almost all of the big selling flare ups that we've had during this remarkable run have been caused by pointless blindsides from Washington. Deficit wrangling... that actually did nothing, of course... meaningless government shutdowns... a ridiculous sequester... showdowns over debt ceilings... these have all accomplished nothing. And we've gone up despite Washington's attempt to accomplish anything at all. Notice, I'm not singling out either side here, republicans or democrats. I'm talking about Washington as a whole. I think this week's election should hold toxic politics in check for a bit and, therefore, keep Washington out of the business pages.

With that even more benign political climate in mind, what's in store for next week's Game Plan?...

Okay, on Monday we've got a pastiche, if not a mosaic, of companies, all of which can paint a larger portrayal of the environment.


WhiteWave, Inc.

First, there's WhiteWave, one my absolute favorite natural and organic food companies. And I stressed it in
Get Rich Carefully. It's been unbelievable. It dominate plant-based milk alternatives. You know, soy, almond... and it has some terrific brand extensions in your supermarket, including the healthy Horizon Natural brand, and Earth Bound Farms, whose greens I use at my dinner table. I think WhiteWave will report similar numbers to Hain Celestial, which delivered spectacular results yesterday. The natural and organic thesis is alive and well. And if you doubt me, go over the quarterly report from Whole Foods, which led the entire retail group skyward this week with its excellent results, and I mean excellent. Whole Foods has rejuvenated itself with technology, innovations and better values. Plus, the ardor from the other guys seems to have diminished. Whole Foods? It's still a "buy" after its monster move this week. Contrast these organic and naturals, by the way, with the still one more shortfall from traditional packaged food company, General Mills, this very morning. GIS has attempted to get natural and organic with its recent acquisition of Annie's. Too small a move to move the needle. I've been urging General Mills, Kellogg, Kraft... that whole group of old-school players... to buy a Hain or a WhiteWave for ages. Unfortunately for those guys... but fortunately for you, if you listened to me... those last two have doubled, while the big boys have dithered and stagnated.

Halcon Resources, Inc.

Oil has been nightmarish for a while now. Although it stabilized today on a weaker dollar, and a flare up in the ongoing tensions between Ukraine and Russia. Please keep your eye on that. That allowed a second day of rallies for the big independent oils that have proven themselves time and again. I'm talking EOG, Anadarko and Concho, the latter being up huge again today. But the ones investors are really worried about, with crude plunging into the $70s, are the smaller fries, including Halcon Resources, which reports Monday after the close. This is a must-listen-to call, people. It's a major focus for the market. So many hedge funds believe the smaller players, like Halcon, have borrowed too much money to drill, and now won't be able to pay, because the price of crude has come down so much. Why don't we see what Halcon says before we pronounce it moribund.

Wayfair, Inc.

One other total fascination Monday... We get Wayfair's 1st quarter, out of the chute. You might know them as Johnson & Main, as I do, since my down at the shore house is decked out with the stuff. Well this could be the next great furnishing play in a market starved for high-quality stocks that can profit from a more robust housing market.


Chinese Singles Day

Tuesday's huge. Huge, huge, huge. You know why? 11/11? That's Singles Day in China, stupid! That's the equivalent of the Chinese celebration of Christmas, Valentine's Day, and your birthday. We normally wouldn't care. But you know what I've been saying that this Alibaba, the Chinese internet sensation, I've been saying it's going to be headed to $120, if it's valued like other internet companies in this country, even though it has superior numbers. I think this holiday is spurring a part of this run, which continued unabated today, with Alibaba rallying $2.99, to close at $114. I say, what a horse!

D.R. Horton, Inc.

We also hear from the largest homebuilder in the United States. This one's got me a little nervous, okay. D.R. Horton. I've watched this group like a hawk, because it punches above its weight in the economy. Horton needs to tell us that things have gotten better, in order to make people believe that the recovery is really taking hold. It may be the most important quarter of the week.

Veteran's Day

And Tuesday's the day we salute our veterans. If you didn't get to watch last night's interview with Howard Schultz and David Auklander, who is a veteran who served in Afghanistan and Iraq, I urge you to do so. Schultz is organizing a huge concert in honor of veterans on Tuesday night. And while I'm at it, I want to send out some good Veteran's Day cheer to my dad, who served in the 6th Army in the Pacific in World War II, and has been a bit under the weather lately. Good luck, Pop.


Macy's, Inc.

Wednesday begins the parade of retailer earnings when we hear from Macy's and J.C. Penney. Macy's is a core holding in
my charitable trust. But its last go around was just okay. With the mixed picture of mall stores... look at that plunge in the inferior Abercrombie & Fitch today... I told you to watch Abercrombie, ANF... I don't like those guys... down $5.88, or over 16%... I was disconcerted.

J.C. Penney, Inc.

And J.C. Penney has already given us some bad news about the quarter. Boy, let me tell you, we could sure use some cold weather to get these stocks marching to a new tune. But we don't have it yet. 50 degrees last night. Not the weather for retail.

Cisco Systems, Inc.

Cisco reports after the close Wednesday, and there's been a ton of cross currents in the markets they operate in. Cisco is up almost 13% this year. A solid dividend. And I think that it's navigated the headwinds of a slowing global economy better than most technology stocks. I think it could do so again.


Walmart, Inc.

Thursday, we've got the retail gamut... Walmart, Kohl's, Nordstrom, listed in order of economic stratification. These stocks have been moving up nicely on lower gasoline, even though the first two have warned that things aren't so hot of late. Hmm. I wonder if Walmart isn't breaking out here, simply because it's lagged. And its sweet spot is indeed lower gasoline, and better employment.

Kohl's, Inc.

See Walmart comments above for Kohl's.

Nordstrom, Inc.

See Walmart comments above for Nordstrom.


Chinese Trade Balance Report

One of the chief reasons oil has been able to come down so quickly is a belief that the slowdown in the Chinese economy has accelerated. A lot of numbers come out of China each month, and each one, who knows. But the one we get Friday, the China Trade Balance, that has actually been a very reliable tell. It's how much has been exported, and how much has been imported. China has historically thrived on exports. It now seems as it's more of a consumer society, with money money spent inside the country, including of course Alibaba. Let's watch this number for clues.

The bottom line for next week...

▼   ▼   ▼   ▼   ▼

Gridlock, unlike greed, is good, and it's allowing us to focus on companies and the larger themes that have worked so well this year, which is exactly what you need to do next week, to profit from Washington's delicious absence from our investing decisions.

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[end of segment]

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Market Results today:

Dow:  + 20

Nasdaq:  - 6

S&P 500:  - 1


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