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  Opening Segment #1:
Deep Bench
  Thursday, November 13, 2014



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General market comments, below... 


   Jim's Quotes from this segment:  

How can we make sense of this market's resilience? Another day, with the Dow rallying 41 points. I think we've got to find a sports analogy. That always does it for me. In the National Football League, they call it, "next man up." That's when you expect a player to go down from injury or simple wear and tear, so you insert another player into the lineup...maybe one that had kind of been sitting around, and then he gets in the mix and gets the job done.


Jim:    The Dow Jones Industrial Average is full of next men up situations. And today's one of those days where you could see them written large. They're responsible for the game.

The first "next man up" on the team known as the Dow Industrials... it is Walmart. Walmart? Here's a company that many had written off as a creature of bad habits, a doughty old store chain, kind of with a Montgomery Ward feel to it, just out of step with time and place. Now that may have been the case in the past, but this current CEO of Walmart, this guy Doug MacMillan? I mean, I don't know. He's kind of got me dazzled. I don't feel that way anymore about Walmart. In fact, we got a nice upside surprise for the first time in ages this morning, from a company that had begun to stand for lower prices, not in the stores, but in the stock market.

The "next man up" from Walmart? How about Cisco? Yes, Cisco, the giant networking equipment maker. Now here's a controversial stock, because it was trading higher after the quarterly earnings number hit the tape, and then it nosedived after you got the downbeat forecast on the conference call... I always tell you to wait for that... only to rise like a Phoenix, during the interview that Carl and I had with longtime CEO, John Chambers, on Squawk On The Street this morning. Boy, did I like what I heard from this Dow laggard, including excellent results in the United States, and in Europe. Plus, a triumphant "game over" for the other guys, as Chambers declared victory over his hobbled rivals. And if anything breaks in the company's favor, and I think it will, you could have a "3 handle" on the stock, meaning this $25 and change stock could go to $30. Wow.

Then there's Boeing. You know I've been waiting for the stock to recover from the levels it fell to after a quarter that was widely viewed as negative because of Dreamliner issues. I'm not willing to get on the bandwagon yet, because those problems must be resolved with the Dreamliner. But I think Boeing's coming back because, with the republican majority in the house and senate, the defense budget will most likely increase, and that's just plain good for this huge defense contractor.

Finally there's Disney, rebounding back to where it was after the so-called "weakness" in last week's earnings report. I was adamant then, and I'm even more adamant now, after I see the weird bid by Hasbro from Dreamworks about the value of Disney's tentpole studio business, where hit after hit after hit gets manufactured, not unlike the Motown records of old.

So let me give you the bottom line...

▼   ▼   ▼   ▼   ▼

Major stocks that were dismissed and dissed as losers are now coming off the bench, getting off the practice squad, and getting into the starting lineup, and playing better... maybe better than ever... like we saw today, with Walmart, Cisco, Boeing and Disney, four "next man up" situations that define a big part of what's going right with this stock market.


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[end of segment]

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Market Results today:

Dow:  + 41

Nasdaq:  + 5

S&P 500:  + 1


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